Keeping Mum Mar 20 2020
Are you being ignored ?
Keeping Mum

By Keeping Mum


They don’t do customer service like they used to.


I’m referring to one of the larger supermarket/retail establishments in this area, where they appear to have fully embraced the zero hour contract by encouraging shoppers to do some of the work themselves. You’ll recognise the place: weeping customers corralled in the self service area because of an unexpected item in the shopping bag, waiting for a lone wolf in supermarket livery to come and stab the screen, while their fruit wilts under the fluorescent lights.



“ But the lone wolf aside, the customer services desk can be an oxymoron. . .]



It is indeed possible to engage with the staff while they carry on a continual dialogue between them, interspersed with the occasional “Would you like a receipt?”. But the last three occasions I’ve been here have been such combative experiences that I am seriously considering a T-Shirt printed bearing the legend “customers have the right to shop in a safe environment”.


As if there wasn’t enough reason to shop on the high street already.



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