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Essential Listing

  • Business
  • Listing summary
  • Listing detailed description
  • Contact telephone number
  • Location map
  • Image in search results
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  • Website link
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  • List events (Business only)

Premium Listing

  • Business, Accommodation, Property
  • Listing summary
  • Listing detailed description
  • Contact telephone number
  • Location map
  • Image in search results
  • Listing banner image
  • Listing gallery images
  • Website link
  • Email link
  • Social media links
  • List events (Business only)

Listing prices - single 12 month subscription

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 Business - EssentialBusiness - PremiumAccommodationProperty -
for sale
Property for sale - AgentProperty -
to rent
Property to rent - Agent
Whitstable£ Free£ 85£ 295£ 145£ contact us£ 65£ contact us
Canterbury£ Free£ 85£ 195£ 125£ contact us£ 65£ contact us
Herne Bay£ Free£ 75£ 125£ 95£ contact us£ 55£ contact us
Rest of Kent£ Free£ 55£ 95£ 75£ contact us£ 45£ contact us
(All prices include VAT where applicable.)


Premium Business and Accommodation listings are subject to auto-renewal every 12 months. If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please get in touch:

“ The whole process was so easy to complete and since creating a listing, we've had a significant increase in food deliveries. Its nice to see a website that focuses on the community and local businesses."

Samantha Jones V C Jones

General FAQ's

What type of listings can I create ?

You can create a listing for your business, accommodation, property for sale, property to rent or event.

What are the benefits of an enhanced Premium business listing ?

An enhanced 'Premium' listing for your business gives you much more features than a free 'Essential' listing. These benefits include; an enhanced detailed description, a bulleted list of key points, a listing page banner image, gallery images, website, email and social media links as well as opening hours for your business. You can also create events for your business.

How can I list an event ?

Only subscribers of Premium Business listings can create events by logging into their account and selecting; 'Create New Listing' - 'Event'.

My business is based in Kent but covers Whitstable, can I list it ?

As long as your business is based in Whitstable or another part of Kent, you can list it.

Can I create multiple listings ?

Yes - you can create multiple listings for each different listing type. If you're an estate agency and want to list multiple properties for sale and properties to rent please get in touch for pricing options. We are currently giving away free trial periods to a limited number of agents.

How can my listing appear as one of the 'featured' listings at the top of the page ?

We have very limited spaces for 'featured' listing positions which appear at the top of specific pages of the website. Please get in touch for more information.

How do I pay for my Premium listing ?

After you have created an account, you will be able to create your listing and make a secure payment with a debit/credit card through the website. Premium Business and Accommodation listings automatically renew every 12 months. Property for sale and Property to rent listings are subject to a one-off payment which is paid in full in advance. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Can I upgrade my free Business listing to a paid Premium listing ?

Yes - it's simple to upgrade your free Business listing to an enhanced Premium listing; just get in touch and we will upgrade your listing for you.

What happens after I've paid for my listing ?

Once you've created your listing and made a payment, your listing will need to be approved before it's published on the website. This usually takes a few working days and you will receive a notification once your listing has been approved and published.

How long does my listing last for ?

Your listing lasts for 12 months from the date of publication or for as long as your paid annual membership is valid. Free business listings last indefinitely.

Can I edit my listing once it's been published ?

Yes - login to your account and select; 'Your submissions'. You can then select the listing you want to edit. Once you've finished editing your listing, click 'submit'. Any edits you've made will be reflected almost immediately.

Can I list my club or organisation ?

Yes - you can list a club, organisation, association, institution, society, class, group and more.

How can I become a seller in the shop ?

Our shop is opening soon and we are looking for artists, photographers and fabricators of lovely things. If you are interested in becoming one of our sellers, please get in touch for further information.

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