Keeping Mum Sep 07 2020
Back to School
Keeping Mum

By Keeping Mum


This week, just like parents across the UK, we’ve sent our children back to school.


The preceding weeks have seen all the usual uniform challenges with added wince at the barely-worn uniform that’s been mothballed since late March. But we’ve managed.


Then there’s been the 10-page letter from the school, detailing the complications of achieving getting everyone back: bubbles, colour-coded access, staggering of school start and finish times – as if almost six months of parenting two children hasn’t been hard enough, I’m facing a tortuous two-hour drop off and pick-up window, on top of the 4×4 melee. But I’ll cope.


The masks/no mask debate I’ll pass on. We’ve talked about mask-shaming, they’re equipped with hand sanitiser/hand cream and masks – a COVID-19 replacement for the pencil case which they may not take – and they’ll cope even though they’re in separate bubbles.


Today’s anxiety is the irresponsible – maybe ignorant or perhaps desperate – parent. The one who will send their child to school even though they have symptoms. Cue mass testing, anxious waiting and the potential for isolation and, by association, home schooling. In which case, I definitely won’t cope.


Parents everywhere, except those aforementioned, keep everything crossed!


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