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Mum in Lockdown – Back to School ?
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Will you be sending your child back to school next month ?


TikTok, we’re getting closer to 1 June. Some of us parents and guardians are frantically trying to cobble together uniform following relentless growth spurts, or consoling one or more of the brood because they’ve got to go back and another is still going to be what we euphemistically refer to as home schooling but in reality is…



…one or another or all of us in tears at some point…]



…because they don’t carry the one (you learned old maths mummy) or I can’t recreate a resource pack to fashion a life size suit of armour because I forgot to check what was needed before putting out the recycling. And that’s even before we contemplate juggling multiple school runs and drop offs/pick ups. We’ll end up living in the car.


But actually they don’t have to go back and we can’t be fined (at the moment) if we don’t send them back.



Personally I’m not ready to send my children back. Yes, there have been some tense moments over the past few weeks but they’ve not seen their self-isolated-since-this-started-and-not-had-contact-with-anyone grandmother and that’s the first thing we’ll do. Until then, I’m keeping them with me, at home.


How about you ?



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Jun 10th 2020

As torn as I felt making the decision initially, my children have been back at school since Easter under the key worker scheme and thankfully it\'s worked out really well. As a mother I have to accept that I\'m exposing my own children to an element of risk they wouldn\'t otherwise face. However, as a professional it enables me to continue supporting vulnerable children who face far greater risks everyday from factors other than the corona virus. Who knows - maybe one day it will be a decision I live to regret, but as well as considering the risk of my own children getting ill, with their education and emotional well-being, I\'m forced to balance the attainment, mental health and immediate safety of so many other children as well. Being able to send my children back to school enables me to do both. On the whole, we all know what\'s best for our own families and will make the right choices. Those choices will vary - a lot. I think what\'s really important is to respect everyone\'s decisions and support them without judgement. It\'s great that this forum gives us the opportunity to discuss an emotive topic like proper grown-ups - without the mud slinging I\'ve seen splashed across social media. Thanks for your post Keeping Mum. You\'re doing a great job!

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