Keeping Mum Mar 21 2020
The cheek of some people
Keeping Mum

By Keeping Mum


The cheek of some people.


I’m having a conversation with my daughter in the playground and another mother overhears some of it and proceeds to offer her opinion.


This is out of order on a number of levels.



“ First and foremost love, if I want your opinion I will ask you for it. . .]



Second, if you want to join in our conversation, and assuming you ARE invited to, please don’t undermine my parenting. You see, I know my daughter better than anyone else: I know how she’s feeling and what she needs to hear. I also know the full story and I’ve also been privy to the full conversation. Therefore I know exactly what to do for my child in this situation. I don’t know how long you’ve been eavesdropping, but you’re still ignorant of the facts. And ignorant, actually.


Third, if you’d like to enter a debate into whether or not my opinion is indeed correct, notwithstanding my second point, then we’d best step off school property so we may debate it properly.


Fourth, and finally, look to your own child. My daughter is fine – I’m looking out for her.



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