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Whitstable Sunsets – the best spots to experience them

By Whitstable


During the summer months it’s hard to find an evening when the North Kent Coast doesn’t display a remarkable sunset. Used as an inspiration and backdrop by JMW Turner and rated by many as some of the best sunsets in the world, the views across the Estuary towards Sheppy are spectacular.


Aided by a combination of air pollution and the reflection of the colours on the sea, an evening spent on the beach rarely fails to end without a vibrant myriad of colours playing out overhead.


Just typing in #whitstablesunset on Instagram brings a search result of hundreds of filterless images, which display the true beauty of Whitstable in the evenings and encourage amateur photographers on to the beach.



Where are the best spots to watch a sunset ?


Seasalter: the empty beach and barren mud flats provide a perfect juxtaposition for the displays in the skies.


The Old Neptune: sitting on the benches outside with a cold pint or gin and tonic provides a more vibrant viewpoint.


Cushing’s View: for a more romantic evening, grab some prosecco from The Offy and take in the colours from the Peace Bench.


Tankerton Slopes: the height of the slopes, the angle at which they face the sea and the short distance from the town provide a wider view meaning that, during the summer months, the sun spends longer setting over the sea.



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